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The Celtic History Society is a cultural circle which connects all the Researchers and the Fans of the celtic history, by offering them a common area to compare and exchange their knowledge in order to remain up-to-date with the most recent discoveries and studies evolved everywhere in Europe and so often unreported.

The Celtic History Society is connected to the principal Celtic associations in Italy. Its journal is an efficient means to have its researches known from a selected public of experts and allows at the same time to any groups and associations of informing their fans about the various developed initiatives, by means of congresses, concerts and celtic celebrations even out of the members area.

The Celtic History Review, magazine devoted to the historical research and official bulletin of the Celtic History Society issues, free of charge, any news or information about the various celtic cultural events, such as lectures, celtic celebrations, concerts, exhibitions, and so on…

Information and programs can be:

• mailed to Celtic History Society P.O. box 225 – 11100 Aosta – Italy

• phoned to +39 165-40483

• faxed to +39 165-364040